disability rights

I was in the Capitol when disabled protesters were dragged out of their wheelchairs. Last week, rioters strolled right in.
Most are unaware of the daily struggles of the disabled, so "it's no surprise it's taken 27 years for emojis that represent us to become a possibility".
I never go out on my own after 8pm. If I’m travelling, I make sure people are in the train carriage with me
everybody banner It's my firm belief that celebrating and promoting those identified as having learning disabilities impacts positively on society as a whole. It's about celebrating difference and the many different ways of being successful and valuable.
As MPs go back to work this week, we want them to think about disabled people who are unable to take up and progress in employment because of a consistent failure to remove barriers. Scope's analysis of the latest ONS data reveals that for every 100 disabled people moving into work, 114 are leaving. If the UK wants to be a modern, inclusive society, it needs to act urgently - not just pay lip service to an ideal world in which opportunities are equal.
A disabled rights charity has hit out after a politician who uses a wheelchair couldn’t board a London bus because the driver
Problem solving, innovative thinking, good timekeeping and teamwork - these are qualities commonly found in a typical job description. Most of us are able to demonstrate such attributes through examples of past work experience but for many people with a disability, these are all skills that they apply seamlessly to their day to day life.
I can honestly say that I've lost count of the number of times I have changed my son Brody's nappy in our car boot. Trying to shield him from passers-by, some of whom almost tut at the fact that I'm doing it. Like I want to be doing it.
When the committee publishes its report following this wider investigation, we expect ministers will fall back on tired and unsubstantiated claims that the UK leads the way in disability rights. Its approach to the UN committee's work suggests that ministers see the international convention as a trivial matter and the committee that oversees it as an irritating summer-time tick to be brushed away.