Disordered eating

The Thinking Out Loud singer shared that he has "a real eating problem" during a wide-ranging interview with Rolling Stone.
Whatever your plans are over this strained Christmas period, remember you don’t deserve to be shamed, writes Harriet Williamson.
Listening to what my body wants, not insulting it, has opened the door to looking at my fat body with a different lens, writes Victoria Welsby.
Recovering from my disordered eating habits will be a long process, but thanks to my support group I don't feel like the lonely kid in the kitchen any more, Dan Hastings writes
My history with disordered eating means that instead of resenting weight I've put on, I am embracing my 'imperfections'
Despite your best intentions, being there for someone with an eating disorder can be incredibly difficult and at times, frustrating
From the biggest roast dinner of the year to something as simple as an advent calendar, it seems like December is all about food
You don’t get to hand-pick the problems your mind suffers with and when it comes to eating disorders and disordered eating, you don’t get to dictate for yourself which elements of eating, dieting and weight you struggle with