Doreen Lawrence

Baroness Doreen Lawrence has called for the government to make changes in workplaces, public health and housing.
A review by Baroness Doreen Lawrence branded the situation an "avoidable crisis".
Anti-racism campaigner appointed by Labour as 15th minority ethnic doctor dies from disease.
Black men in London tell us about relations with the police – then and now.
"If, after 20 years, we’re still talking about this – it shows that things have not moved on that much."
'They say they're carrying on the investigation, but carrying on doing what?'
Ethnic minority groups and disabled people should not "assume the status of victim", according to historian David Starkey
The Labour peer Baroness Doreen Lawrence has implored for young people to take radical action and called on them to turn
It is important to engage with and encourage our community to continue their efforts to stand up against racism and hate crime by working together to pursue the dignity of difference. Holocaust Memorial Day is an affirmation that we should fight against intolerance and promote integration. All communities should work together to raise awareness of the suffering of others.
On just his second day on the job, the new head of the European Union has already been dragged into the Scottish independence