Douglas Murray

The true test of an intelligent person is a humble awareness of the limits of their knowledge. So said a rather clever man
Students' unions across London including at UCL, Goldsmiths, Birkbeck, and LSE, have adopted 'no-engagement' policies against Student Rights with more unions expected to pass the motion in coming weeks.
In his latest stomach-churning piece in the Spectator, Murray projects a sense of implicit threat from rising Muslim birth rates and changing demographics. In fact, one really has to ask whether Murray actually has anything constructive to say about Muslims at all.
Perhaps BBC producers should watch some of Douglas Murray's finest moments on YouTube, and have a quick word with some of his former colleagues, before they next invite the Spectator's neocon-in-chief onto their shows to fill the 'mainstream, centre-right pundit' spot. Murray is far from mainstream and far from centre-right.
Politicians are deserting counter-extremism group Student Rights, the Huffington Post UK can exclusively reveal, following
The Times featured a piece yesterday headlined 'Extremists preaching to students in Britain'. This conflation of extremism with increased religiosity and religious observance is indicative of just how muddled and confused the debate around campus extremism has become.
Muslim students have lashed out at claims in a study that extremists are segregating and denigrating women, saying they are