Dr. Dre

The hip-hop legend, who was admitted to intensive care, is said to be in a stable condition.
You’ve heard of beating the rap? Well, a gynecologist in Pennsylvania has beat the rapper ― Dr Dre, to be exact.
A fleeting, flippant apology during a documentary celebrating how you became a billionaire does not seem at all sincere
The N.W.A and West Coast rap story is so remarkable that it's unlikely that Straight Outta Compton will be the final cinematic word on the story - John Singleton has long been mooted to be working on a Tupac biopic - but as a first run at its subject matter, it's a riveting attempt that overcomes some lackadaisical writing and character development to deliver the knockout blows where it truly matters.
An apology is not enough. Apple's new senior executive and hip hop's first billionaire needs to wield some of his huge influence and take some positive steps to changing the culture of misogyny in hip hop and beyond.
Dr Dre has taken the striking step of speaking out, and making a public apology to the women he has previously mistreated
A bar goers has become an unlikely star after tapping out a piano rendition of a Dr Dre classic as the movie depicting the
Many lazy news teams this fortnight have stuck to their agenda that NWA are the anti-Christ because they called women bitches and hoes. I'm not a huge fan of men demeaning women, but now even women are taking possession of this slanguage and it's taking on a life of its own...
Dr Dre is having a week of very mixed fortunes. He is enjoying his first-ever UK chart-topper with his first solo studio
Even I was taken aback by Eminem's verse where he says the following little beauty; "Ain't no one safe from, non-believers there ain't none/I even make the bitches I rape cum." Yep. A grown man in 2015 said these words.
We finally know for sure that the iPhone 6 will be announced on 9 September in California. But that's not to say the mysteries
The new Beats Studio headphones have been completely "reimagined" (according to Beats), with a lighter build, a stronger
If your old ear buds just failing to cut the mustard, you could soon be getting your hands (and ears) on the clear, crisp
Music is an essential part of student life, and, when you’re studying hard in the library, having a pair of headphones which
The London 2012 Olympics will be known as one of the strictest ever in terms of branding regulations – with Locog officials
Michael Jackon’s brother Jackie is the latest to jump on the ‘hologram’ band wagon. The former Jackson 5 member said he could
Santigold has written for other artists including Lily Allen and Ashlee Simpson, but now she's got a new record Master of My Make Believe, as well as single Disparate Youth. The 35-year-old is an intimidating solo performer, but she's also known for her collaborations. I asked her to recall her favourites (both her own and others).
Dr. Dre hopes his extravaganza at Coachella over the weekend will inspire other acts to bring icons back from the dead - he
Shocking news from Coachella: the Tupac hologram that brought the gangster rapper 'back from the dead' was not actually a
HTC's CFO Winston Yung has been shunted into a 'corporate development' role after barely a year on the job. He orchestrated