Dukan Diet

Remember, there is a lot more to managing your health and weight than the food you choose
I was persuaded that a human's genetic programming was implemented during a period in time where carbohydrates and sugars were not readily available. As such, the fact that they are so prevalent today plays a major role in the obesity epidemic.
In order to get our diet under control we need to unlearn our bad eating habits, kick our addictions, learn to speak the confounding and purposely confusing language of food labels and prepare to get acquainted with hunger because we no longer know when we are actually full.
For anyone looking to start losing weight quickly or wanting to give their metabolism a big old kick up the backside, the
Watch this space for more about the DASH diet - it was ranked the best out of 32 diets by U.S News. Included in the round
Christmas revolves around all the important F-words. Family, friends, festivities, fun and food. But while everything might
Update:Since publication, there have been several points which Dr Siegal would like to raise, which were not mentioned in
For those looking to kickstart their metabolism and start losing weight quickly, the Dukan diet can seem like an obvious
Women on Atkins-style diets are putting themselves at risk of heart disease and strokes, experts have warned. Those who regularly
Forget sausages and burgers. Calamari has wrapped its tentacles around our barbeques and is shaping up to be the BBQ treat