53 people died in Dundee from drug-related deaths in 2018. Meet the families trying to cope with the complex issue of addiction. Just Surviving: A Decade Of Austerity In Scotland is a four-part documentary series. It investigates the urgent issues facing vulnerable people in Scotland in the aftermath of austerity.
A record number of people are dying, and working class people in Dundee aren't surprised, journalist Ewan Gurr writes.
Scotland's 'best place to live' is also the drug death capital of Europe.
A man has reportedly been killed with a crossbow after a house party spilled into the streets in Dundee on Sunday night, eyewitnesses
When you're thinking of a stylish UK city for a weekend away, I can guarantee that Dundee is not one that would pop into your head. Until I spent a weekend there earlier this month, words I would have used to describe this Scottish city is are dreary, run-down and boring.
Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V) is not an obviously Scottish piece of culture. Set in Los Santos, a fictionalised Los Angeles, it has very little in common with the land of Robert Burns. For a start, it very rarely rains in Los Santos. Yet the GTA franchise, which has its roots in the Scottish city of Dundee, has subtley alluded to its orgins over the years.
More than 5,000 people have applied for 350 jobs at a new Asda opening in Dundee. Managers at the store said they were "surprised
Liberal Democrats have sharply criticised their own government ministers for failing to stop the so-called bedroom tax. Party
Eleven contenders have put their names forward to become the next UK City of Culture in 2017. Culture minister Ed Vaizey