E. Jean Carroll

Writer E Jean Carroll is suing the ex-president for at least $10 million in damages.
Richard Nixon's former White House counsel praised E. Jean Carroll's request for more damages from Trump as "brilliant."
"Why should Republican voters take Trump’s wrongdoing seriously when the party leaders never call him out?" asked Psaki on her MSNBC program.
Carroll told The New York Times that she's been "insulted by better people" after the former president's comments about her on CNN on Wednesday.
Donald Trump was found liable for sexual abuse on Tuesday in the civil suit brought forward by magazine columnist E Jean Carroll.
The former president's claim about his children gets put to the test.
The network seems to have stocked its audience with Trump-friendly voters who laughed about E Jean Carroll, whom Trump is liable for sexually assaulting.
The former vice president downplayed the verdict, claiming he'd "never heard or witnessed behaviour of that nature" from Trump during their time working together.
New York Daily News and New York Post tear into the former president after jury verdict.
E Jean Carroll was able to bring a civil suit against the former president thanks to New York's Adult Survivors Act, which sexual assault survivors spent years fighting for.