E. Jean Carroll

Stephanie Grisham claimed Trump called in one staffer "so that they could look at her ass."
A heckler yelled at Donald Trump's attorney in footage that aired on CNN.
Some wondered how Trump’s supporters and the Republican Party might react.
Trump refused to testify at the trial, then falsely claimed he was “not allowed to speak or defend” himself.
Carroll first came forward with her story in 2019 and has endured personal attacks from the now-former president ever since.
The judge previously warned the former president against making comments on social media.
The advice columnist reportedly gave measured and difficult testimony in her civil suit against the former president.
The now-former president no longer has some of the protections afforded to the resident of the Oval Office.
She may also continue to seek a sample of his DNA, a New York justice ruled.
Carol Martin and Lisa Birnbach told The New York Times about what it was like to hear their friend's story in the mid-1990s.