E. Jean Carroll

The decision means he'll still need to pay damages in the libel case Carroll won against him.
The former president "melts" when confronted with this, the conservative attorney said.
"We did what people thought was impossible," the writer recalled. "We beat Donald Trump.”
The former president was ordered by a jury on Friday to pay writer E. Jean Carroll $83.3 million.
The former president bombarded his Truth Social platform with posts attacking his accuser.
The ex-president has repeatedly attacked the writer, who is accusing him of defaming her after she went public about his alleged sexual assault.
“That is not the action of a stable person," said the former Biden White House press secretary.
Ty Cobb said Trump's attorneys "did some shocking things" in court.
"On what everyone knew was supposed to be a day of victory for Donald in Iowa, this loss will still be burning in his mind," the writer said in her newsletter.
Donald Trump accused Carroll of smearing his image on CNN, but a federal judge ruled that his case had no merit.