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Two Eagles of Death Metal gigs were cancelled over the frontman's comments.
A survivor of the Bataclan massacre has written a damning open letter to the frontman of the Eagles of Death Metal following
I just finished reading your tacky Taki interview and to tell you the truth, my heart is bleeding... Look at yourself: you have become a spreader of hate, brother. Try to be more in life like the persona we all love when you are on stage. Try to spread the love...
He claimed he saw 'Muslims celebrating in the street' during the Paris attacks.
Two French music festivals have cancelled performances by Eagles of Death Metal this summer following comments by the band's
Eagles of Death Metal frontman, Jesse Hughes, has said that the Paris terrorist attack on the Bataclan concert hall has convinced
Vice have released a sincerely gut-wrenching interview with The Eagles of Death Metal, the Rock'n'Roll band that played the
Eagles Of Death Metal have vowed to finish their Paris gig after gunmen stormed the Bataclan concert hall, killing dozens
Victims of the Bataclan attack in Paris are sharing their defiant messages of survival on social media. Heroic tales of how
A social media campaign has been launched to get Eagles of Death Metal's cover of Duran Duran's Save a Prayer to Number 1 in the UK charts. Just a few weeks previously both bands had performed the track together on TFI Friday. Organisers say they aim to show solidarity against terrorism, support all affected in France and across the world, and highlight the will for peace.