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How to host a cracking Easter egg hunt for children of all ages.
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An Easter egg hunt is a wonderful way to celebrate Easter Sunday with your family. Children of all ages love the challenge
Prepare yourself for the creepy Easter bunnies.
With the kids off school and time off work, the Easter holidays give families a chance to spend time together. For some families
I've been wracking my brain to work out why anyone would hate a hare. Some might say 'farmers', believing that hares go to work on their crops in the same way that rabbits do, however that's not true. Scientific reports show that the damage hares do to crops is minimal, and they might even have a beneficial effect in some cases.
This Easter weekend, most of us will be excitedly looking forward to receiving some chocolate, usually in the shape of an egg or perhaps even a bunny. But how did the rabbit become so inextricably linked with Easter traditions?
Frankly, we're amazed that any of these children look remotely happy - and we're not surprised that many of them are in tears
What the parenting books failed to tell me was that while I could spend most days being firm, setting boundaries and adhering to routine, on some days, it would completely fall apart. On those days, my parenting would come down to survival. If survival meant telling a white lie.
If 50 pictures of mouth-watering chocolate decadence will send you into some kind of sugar-envy-frenzy then look away now
It's a long-standing White House Easter tradition that the US president entertain children on the South Lawn for a egg roll