Last year, the FA Cup Third Round saw Blyth Spartans reach the highest point in their recent history, as they led Birmingham City 2-0 and at one stage were being followed on Twitter by Luis Figo. This year, who will the greatest single day in the annual football calendar be remembered by the most?
A man who was killed on his way to work in the early hours was attacked by robbers who used an "extreme and sickening level
In Kent, we are now the official opposition with seventeen county councillors, with our strong areas being South Thanet, Folkestone & Hythe, North Thanet, Dover & Deal and Sittingbourne & Sheppey. We will be fielding strong candidates in each seat, one of which will be Nigel Farage.
According to the Oxford Dictionary the definition of misogynist is 'a person who dislikes, despises, or is strongly prejudiced against women'. Therefore, it's odd why UKIP's Godfrey Bloom is described as one.
A Tory minister has warned the party must not swing to the right after last week's by-election drubbing amid claims most
You would nearly feel sorry for the Tories. Almost. In a parallel dimension maybe. But the point is, things are not going well for them. They came third in the Eastleigh by-election which, to use the technical term, is bloody awful. Worse yet, they finished behind their yoghurt eating liberal bedfellows, and the granny privatising xenophobes of UKIP.
Welcome to the world of Click Here politics. It's a world in which to win, you need first to gather your supporters online, then analyse who they are and what makes them tick, and -- most crucially -- tailor a message that fits their profile.
I will caveat everything I say here by owning up to the unfashionable fact that I am a Conservative Party member and work for a Conservative politician. The sad reality is that the Conservative Party is out of date and out of touch with the majority of the British population, as exhibited by the recent debate on gay marriage... The error that the apparatchiks of the party hierarchy are making is that they think mimicking Ukip's manifesto will make the Tories loveable. This is ridiculous.
Nigel Farage was quipping that the Tories split the UKIP vote in Eastleigh - ouch. With the recent decline of the BNP and soon to be expired incarceration of the EDL leader Stephen Lennon - their masses of frustrated followers have found their mouthpiece in Farrage.