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Last year marked a return to using disposable coffee cups and driving instead of using public transport. Can we get back on track?
What if you never bought anything brand new? Waste prevention expert Cat Fletcher created a whole house out of waste materials. Here are her tips on making the most of what you have.
Looking for a way to make your beauty routine more green? Writer Niellah Arboine shows how to make your own products from sustainable sources.
How sustainable is your weekly shop? We spoke to the founders of the UK’s biggest zero-waste supermarket, The Clean Kilo in Birmingham, for some top tips.
Sustainability is a major focus at London Design Festival 2019, with many creators making thought-provoking installations placed at the event’s lead venue, the Victoria and Albert Museum. They include a giant cube with images of plastics surrounding sea creatures and a narrow room that is designed to make visitors feel trapped and confused.
A new mosque in Cambridge is Europe's first green mosque. The founders say it's been built to operate at an almost zero carbon footprint. The facade of the building is finished in brick, complementing the materials already found in the local neighbourhood of Victorian terraced houses. The mosque has no minaret and the call to prayer will not be broadcast outside the building.
With Brits set to spend millions over the Easter weekend, here are some easy ways to make the springtime celebration more eco friendly.
England could see a serious water shortage within 25 years if we don’t change our habits, according to the chief of the Environment Agency. Sir James Bevan says that both leaks in water company pipes, and changes from individuals could both go towards avoiding the country running dry by 2040. Here are some small changes that can make a big difference to our water usage at home.
Scientists at City University London have been trying to understand how to feed and save the world for the next generation. Their answer - "the planetary health diet" - which does not completely banish meat and dairy but does require a shift from meat to vegetable consumption. Here is a daily breakdown of what you should be eating.
A popular way to create a lovely smelling environment is through scented candles. Although vanilla, rose and cherry may be the nation's favourite three, they may be doing your body more harm than good.