The world’s first pizza for bees, or ‘beezza’, has been created by Papa John’s. The one inch delight is made from dough, wild flowers and pollen, with the aim of raising awareness of the plight of the mighty little pollinators.
Have we reached something of a turning-point in public understanding of anthropogenic climate change? At long last, possibly. Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, recent back-to-back record breaking hurricanes, brought home (to all those with more than a couple of brain cells to rub together) the urgency of the long climate crisis we are now entering
If 'data-is-the-new-oil' is obsolete as an analogy, Big Data companies have a choice to make. If they don't change their business models to a more human-friendly and sustainable data-is-water model, will they face becoming obsolete?
My grandmother, like so many others of her generation, used to have a saying when it came to her choices as a consumer, and it's stuck with me to this day. "I can never afford to buy cheap." Of course, she was talking about why buying more expensive goods would last longer than cheap ones destined to break, saving her cash in the long run.
Growing up in the coastal town of Rauma, Finland, my father Immu was a sea captain, taking commercial cargo across the world. I was pretty much born on the seas, accompanying him on long distance voyages - even on huge icebreakers in the extreme north - and I fell in love with this landscape.
Antarctica holds 90% of the world's ice and, what may seem as a cold and desolate place, is in fact one of the most important
The Treatment The Talise Tanning Treatments are pretty unique and fantastic for the perfect glow. For anyone who has trouble
We once thought that plants were just standalone entities, much like us, the key difference being our ability to interact with the world and each other. But research over the past few decades has found that plants, especially trees, may not be as inert as once thought.
A report published in the journal Science in 2015 estimates that about eight million tonnes of plastic ends up in global
Last month, universities in England announced a tuition fee increase above the £9,000 limit for UK nationals registering