Economic abuse

Either I complied and let him spend my money, or there was no telling what he might do. Thousands of others are facing the same during this pandemic.
So-called 'revenge porn' threats are "increasing feature of domestic abuse", says Victims' Commissioner Vera Baird.
On 21 January 2019, the UK government released a draft update to the Domestic Abuse Bill, setting out more provisions to help victims of coercive behaviour. But for those who suffer economic and financial abuse at the hands of their partners and former partners, does the bill go far enough? From withholding spending money from their victims, to manipulating the family courts in order to rack up legal bills, perpetrators see little challenge to the economic and financial abuse they inflict on their victims.
Financial coercion will be recognised as domestic abuse for the first time.
This is an opportunity to help women and girls escape abuse and rebuild their lives – and it must not be wasted