Economic inequality

I bet you think that the rich are getting richer and the poor poorer. A few well-known facts might lead you to this conclusion
Income inequality will return to near the levels seen before the recession as welfare cuts bite, a respected economic think
As the first generation of children born free of segregation come of age, the August edition of BBC Africa Debate will explore race relations and inequality in South Africa over the last 18 years. A panel of 18 year olds - part of the 'born-free' generation will discuss their experiences growing up in modern South Africa.
There are an estimated 70,000 school-aged blind children in China - most living in rural areas and villages. The schools which offer special education for VI children are predominantly located in the major cities hundreds or thousands of miles away. A casual visitor to Shanghai, an incredible economic powerhouse of a city, might wonder how such a plight could be possible.
It's always been argued that economic inequality is something which cannot be perfectly addressed. Although many great individuals
The Occupy Wall Street protests have exposed a fundamental dilemma at the heart of economics. People want economic growth, but they also want a fair distribution of wealth. Unfortunately, these two goals are not fully compatible.
The full horror of this week's riots are there for all to see. The perpetrators are rightly being utterly condemned for a grotesque display of violence and nihilism that has wrecked lives and torn apart communities.