edinburgh fringe

It's the third week of the festival and I've had every intention of keeping a regular blog but as the waves of shows, shmoosing and drink crash against the once solid rocks of memory, making a foamy mess of thoughts, the hectic slog of Edinburgh shows, guest spots and pick up gigs makes it hard to remember anything in any kind of order.
“I was given the type of education that only 20 seasons of Countdown can buy,” says Benet Brandreth sitting in one of the
Unless you've been wrapped up in your own wee world, (which is entirely possible for the numerous journalists, performers and visitors who are in Edinburgh during the Fringe), you've probably heard the news about the Forest Café.
Go to any amateur comedy night next month and you’ll almost certainly hear the following phrase: “When I was in Edinburgh
There is a stack of empty pizza boxes by the front door, that haven't yet made it out to the recycling bins. Mounds of clean but unfolded laundry are piled high on every available surface. Our plates are shifted from dishwasher, to dinner table, and back to dishwasher again, without ever making it into the cupboards. Welcome to the Edinburgh Fringe.
It's not always easy being married to a poet. My husband - Young - and I use up a significant number of babysitting credits
Well this is a bit odd. We're properly into the Edinburgh Fringe now and everything seems to be going a'okay. Sure I realise by saying this it'll all go tits up from here on in, but that's to be expected.
Flyers, posters and tourists will transform the city of Edinburgh this month, as people from all over the world come to see
It's funny how an attitude you have over a decade ago stays with you unless unchallenged. I'd never listened to a P J Harvey album, as I had a mate at school who liked her, and he liked obscure, inaccessible, weird music which he bought on vinyl
The Edinburgh Fringe is in full swing, flyers are being handed out, tourists are looking confused at student groups in all in one lycra bodysuits running down the Royal Mile and I am fretting about my show. All normal stuff then.