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However, other students have suggested that the money would be better spent in other areas. One young woman told the National
Within the next ten years we are likely to see major advancements in the way robotics and autonomous systems (RAS) are used in areas such as manufacturing or packaging, leading to greater efficiency and generating cost savings.
Going from being barely interested in sport to running four times a week and taking part in races has been a change I never saw coming, but it has only been for the better. So, here's my top five reasons for getting into sport at uni.
A security guard and a student protester have been arrested over a confrontation outside a university building. The alleged
More than 30 students from Edinburgh University staged a sit-in after the university continued its investment in fossil fuels
Gang violence disproportionately affects underprivileged young black men and is not a suitable subject for spoof.
Edinburgh University has been contacted for comment. While Ben's friends joined in paying tribute to the Scottish student
Members of a student fraternity at Edinburgh University allegedly joked about raping members of the feminist society, and
Law students at one of the UK's top universities are in the middle of a race row after "blacking up" as Somalian pirates