Edward Colston

The bronze memorial to the 17th century slave merchant was pulled down during a Black Lives Matter protest in 2020.
The memorial to the slave trader was torn down and dumped in Bristol harbour during a Black Lives Matter protest six months ago.
Our city has a lot of work to do to engage and represent the multicultural make-up of its people. We're starting the change from within.
Bristol mayor says decision was not about Reid but "about taking down a statue of a London-based artist who came and put it up without permission".
Artist Marc Quinn created the sculpture of protester Jen Reid, who was photographed standing on the empty plinth after the Colston statue was toppled.
Avon and Somerset Police says man was arrested on suspicion of criminal damage.
Police have come under fire for putting out pictures of non-violent anti-racist demonstrators.
The British public has been forced to acknowledge the darker, racist side of history. But what happens next? Timi Sotire writes.
Campaigners and writers hope Black Lives Matter protesters will push for police abolition – not just toppling of statues.
The protests in Britain over the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis has set in motion a debate statues, with many in our public spaces commemorating those who were directly linked with the slave trade. Claudine Van Hensbergen is an expert on sculptures in public spaces and explains how we interact with statues, what they mean to a society and how we deal with their legacy is only part of Britain’s fight against racism.