Election 2017

The prime minister’s botched election gamble has left her government severely weakened.
Two years is a very long time in politics.   Since 2015, the landscape has changed beyond recognition and the future of the
Sick burns from the campaign lecterns.
The causes that led to yesterday's election and today's hung Parliament, are numerous and complex. As the votes finish being counted, it seems that the UK has returned to a two-party system, with both Labour and the Tories receiving around 13 million votes. Let's draw five more lessons from a night of tension
I think we could all be forgiven for wondering what impact a fully staffed police force would have had on these recent acts of terror if Mrs May had had the balls to demand the taxes to fund it. I cannot and will not vote for a woman who cares so little about the safety of the people in this country. If you feel the same way then use your vote wisely on Thursday.
As the election looms, the familiar education, education, education mantra is loud and proud - promises of more funding for primary schools, grammar schools and the abolition of tuition fees. But as intelligent machines silently march on and integrate discreetly into the fabric of our workplaces, where is the investment for education and skills for our adult workforce?
The Conservative Manifesto makes reference to the intake of selective schools, but not to the end result of their re-introduction: a two-tier education system within which different children have access to different opportunities, not the 'Great Meritocracy' claimed. For this election, let's remember what the real problems facing education are and focus on what needs to happen to deliver an education system fit for the 21st century to every child.
Extracts taken from 'Stripped Bare' by Sharon Bull, available August 28th 2017 Copyright - Junghee Choi Compassion should