Elections in Scotland

With 118,000 members, Nicola Sturgeon's party is thought to be the second largest in the UK - but have we hit peak SNP?
Thrashed by the Conservatives in rural Scotland while Labour ate into their central belt support base, the General Election
'Kez is the third Scottish Labour leader to be forced out by men.'
Alex Rowley has been appointed interim Scottish Labour leader after Kezia Dugdale’s bombshell resignation.  Rowley, formerly
Dugdale has been a vocal a critic of Jeremy Corbyn.
... there were even kind words from her rivals.  Dugdale replaced Jim Murphy as Scottish Labour leader in August 2015, after
'Scotland’s new MPs have a historic opportunity to make our mark.'
The SNP’s Europe spokesman has appealed to other parties in remain-voting Scotland to block hard Brexit in Westminster.  Stephen
Ian Blackford said he didn't want the top job but was 'strongly encouraged' by others.
The SNP’s new Westminster leader has admitted “a degree of nervousness” about his first PMQs at the helm today. Ian Blackford