Electoral Reform Society

People voting in England's local elections need photographic ID for the first time.
Polling stations are drafting in extra staff to help voters with the government's new rules.
A total of more than £1m was claimed by more than 110 peers, despite them not making any spoken or written contribution.
Huge parts of this country are effectively competition-free zones leaving voters ignored, Electoral Reform Society's Dr Jess Garland writes.
On deadline day alone, almost 660,000 people registered to vote – more than 250,000 of whom were under 25.
For too long, First Past the Post has skewed our elections beyond recognition, piling up wasted votes and forcing people to make tactical choices at the ballot box, Electoral Reform's Willie Sullivan writes.
The former PM looks set to pack the House of Lords with unelected cronies. It’s time to build a movement for real democracy, Electoral Reform spokesperson Josiah Mortimer writes.
Outdated first-past-the-post rules means that with hundreds of council seats being contested by only two parties, millions of voters will be unable to vote for their preferred party
Trials could lead to all voters being forced to show their papers at the ballot box – but why would we spend £20million per election on making it harder for millions to vote?
Exclusive: Voters face "scandalous denial of choice" according to new analysis.