elgin marbles

The guidelines for being a UK Huffington Post blogger suggest you write with a UK angle, which I didn't really do in my last
Were it not for Lord Elgin's removal of the sculptures, they would have remained at the mercy of looters and military commanders. Would they even have survived beyond the 19th Century?
The British Museum's decision to lend one of the Elgin Marbles - or rather the Parthenon Marbles as Greeks prefer to call
One of the Elgin Marbles could return to Greece where they were first displayed - but only if the Greek authorities promised
The comical jolt to the awards podium of news You'd think a George Clooney film being released on Valentine's Day would garner
George Clooney has fired some barbs back at Boris Johnson, after the Mayor's suggestion that the Hollywood star had lost
Boris Johnson has taken on George Clooney in the row over the Elgin Marbles by comparing him to Hitler. The Hollywood star
David Cameron has rejected suggestions Britain should return a giant diamond the country forced India to hand over during
The unwritten rules of decorum state it is impolite to discuss sex, politics or religion at dinner parties. I would like to add one more topic to that list - cultural repatriation. Now, just months from the Olympics, the campaign is being stepped up once more for the return of the Elgin Marbles to the Greek nation...