Elizabeth Warren

Joe Biden's team swiftly took aim at the president's reported tax avoidance.
The Massachusetts senator, who was leading in the polls last year, failed to win in her home state in the Democratic primaries.
The Vermont senator drew most of the attacks onstage in Charleston. But it might be too late to stop his march to the nomination.
The senator vying to become the Democratic Party's presidential candidate would appoint women or non-binary people to at least half the top positions in the executive branch.
Democratic presidential candidates clash during TV debate over billionaire's alleged remarks about British royals.
The former New York City mayor has pitched himself as the candidate to beat Donald Trump. His rivals were determined to prove him wrong.
The billionaire ex-New York mayor us under scrutiny after unprecedented spending in the 2020 elections.
The 38-year-old came into the US elections largely as a political unknown, but he’s been a surprising candidate in the 2020 race.
CNN released the audio of both 2020 presidential candidates saying the other called them a "liar" on national television.
Sanders denied the 2018 exchange, which was first reported by CNN.