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Space X founder, Elon Musk, has been hinting again about his much-vaunted 'Hyperloop' transport system. The super-high speed
Space exploration is an expensive business - the average Space Shuttle launch cost a whopping £295 million. Private space
The private space company SpaceX has completed the latest test of its new reusable rocket. The 'Grasshopper' is a 10 storey
A privately operated SpaceX Dragon cargo has docked with the International Space Station after surviving a potentially critical
The billionaire founder of the private space company SpaceX wants to build a colony for 80,000 people on Mars. At a talk
I wonder how many other inventors would dare to follow Musk's lead. I guess as space travel is such a small and specialised market, it's a risk which Musk can take, though ultimately extremely lucrative.