end of life care

"I found that the things fractured by our separation and divorce began to heal."
British photographer Rankin and mutual insurer Royal London tackle the taboos surrounding death in new digital project 'Lost for Words', the exhibition is available to see for free online.
After graduating, Emma Clare began work as a home carer, helping those discharged by hospitals to feel comfortable as their illnesses took hold. In the role, Emma found a new perspective on life and death and also the problems caused by people not talking about how they wish the end to be for them. Now, she’s training to become an end-of-life doula, helping families enjoy their last moments with loved ones and preparing for death. For more, check out:
"I notice that on the coat tree there’s this beautiful robe. Kind of like a church robe except it’s white, and it has a round circle with a white cross on it and a hood."