British Transport Police are investigating the incident.
For every test or examination taken at school in Nigeria, you are given a results sheet that ranks students in order of academic
Until the images we give to the media and young people are different and more inclusive, perceptions of engineering will not change and girls with a passion for engineering may never actually join the industry.
Pop quiz: what does a female scientist, engineer or mathematician look like? The answer: you're asking the wrong question
Technology is no longer used to perform a specific job - it underpins every part of our lives - in work and play... This is a world that software engineers had a pivotal role in creating. And their part in shaping its future is vital. As such, the engineer of today has a much bigger job to do and an increasing set of pressures.
I have worked in engineering, and engineering related fields, all my life and like most people who work in this industry I am extremely passionate about what I do. So why do we find it so hard to get young people, especially women, interested in an engineering related career?
Sound the 'potentially fake video' alarm, because the one we've got for you today is an absolute doozie. Meet... Dutch engineer
"A totally detached crazy person" - Vincent Tabak unwittingly exposed his own psyche when asked at a dinner party who killed