English language

Technology has left many Britons unable to spell words like "definitely" and "separate", a survey has found. It suggests
A leading Italian university is switching to the English language, saying it was left with "no other choice" in order to
I am especially aware of rude words being shocking/inappropriate as I work for BBC local radio, where even "bloody" is verboten on air. The BBC has a sweary chart which it published internally every two years (with 'MF' & the 'c' word usually being top dogs.
Newspapers have been reporting that Sheffield Springs Academy has decided to ban slang in an attempt to improve their students' employability. By all means teach them how to speak appropriately, but isn't that like telling children not to put peas up their nose?
Immigrants who fail to learn English "like a native" risk becoming part of an unemployable "sub-class", communities secretary
The classroom is not quiet, the children are not focussed and we don't seem to be following a coherent curriculum, but English is certainly being learnt here.
Now, with regard to the grammar and spell-checker controls on my computer's software, although I'm somewhat reticent to use
Edward Rondthaler was born back in 1905 and died in 2009 at the grand old age of 104, a much-loved and highly-respected typographist
George Bernard Shaw, once wrote that an English man (sic)woman only has to open their mouths for another English man/women to hate them. Until recently, this statement may have held true.
First, a very big thank you to everyone who came up with ideas after my Twitter appeal about my 700th blog post. There were