Environmental policy

Boris Johnson is keen to portray the UK as a global leader in environmental policy. But what does his track record really tell us?
All public school students will have 33 hours of mandatory climate change education.
The 29th August is the International Day Against Nuclear Tests. This acknowledges the dangers caused by nuclear testing. Many
If I was to mention "climate change" and "biodiversity", what picture appears first in your mind? Emaciated polar bears on
Smart optimism puts innovation, joy and creativity back into the way we look at the future and sees the challenges of today as opportunities, not obstacles.
Climate change is one of, if not the, greatest threats to our planet. Of course, this comes as no shock to many. But, what hasn't been stressed is the how: how do we reverse the catastrophic effects of global warming? Two potential solutions have circulated through international debate: mitigation and adaptation.
When the EU election results were coming in on Sunday evening, one thing was very clear early on; extreme right wing parties gained huge ground across the union and in France, Denmark and the UK anti EU parties won the election outright.
The latest intergovernmental report on climate change states that "human influence on the climate system is clear." Here's how the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change arrived at its conclusions.
Without stronger rules for REDD+ in UN climate negotiations, REDD+ could promote the development of monocrop forests.
Any last vestiges of faith in the ability of policy makers to implement credible emission reduction strategies must surely