The U.N. human rights office was extremely concerned by the deaths, according to Reuters.
Wassailing is an ancient tradition which dates back to pagan times and is still practised in many areas of the UK. Wassailing
Bulgaria holds a somewhat less enjoyable tradition involving a priest throwing a wooden cross into the chilly sea which competitors
You may have noticed people taking their Christmas decorations down in a panic today, since today, also known as 'Epiphany
I remember it well, it was one of those casual throwaway comments "When I rowed the Atlantic...." The very enjoyable conversation
A wolf was right in front of our car... We now expected to be its dinner, served in a forest and teared to pieces, raw. I kept my eyes shut, not wanting to see its claws scratching our windows and waving 'hello' and 'adieu' to us, all in a flash.
In the words of the radio DJs in 'Groundhog Day' - it's cooooold out there! 'Out there' being 'in America'. This week, at
Two of my favourite speeches come from the late 11th Century. They read as match reports for England's disastrous Ashes performance; they offer some clues and advice for the beleagured captain, Alastair Cook.