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One half of synth-pop duo Erasure, Andy Bell was one of the first mainstream UK pop stars to come out in the Eighties. Here he reflects on living through two crises: the Aids epidemic and Covid-19
Why the lack of furore over Emma Stone's casting as iconic lesbian Billie-Jean King? People are far more concerned about gay male erasure than they are about lesbian representation
'It took me a while to familiarise myself with the intersectionality of discrimination.'
'It is vital that the LGBTQ+ community also reflects and keeps in mind the diversity of the queer community.'
In the wake of struggle narratives that solely glorify men, black women have been exiled, forgotten and erased.
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Normally when someone starts singing on the Tube it's just another annoyance during your commute. But if it's a trained vocalist
If even sitting atop the hit parade can be dismissed as a flop, what then does constitute a hit? Any ideas? Anyone? It's not quite as easy to say when you start to give it some real thought.