Eton College

Gavin Williamson told councils to expect legal action if they closed their schools early for Christmas due to Covid spikes.
Integrating assets into the public sector will see an end to the stranglehold that a minority in society hold over our national institutions, Robert Poole writes.
Ed Miliband and Clive Lewis back campaign to end ‘Old Boys Club’ in politics as Boris Johnson looks set for Number 10.
Boris will keep on tossing us issues and scapegoats, to distract us from the fact that his only qualifications to govern are a passion for Latin and a tremendous sense of entitlement.
Adventurer says schools only celebrate sporty, clever or good-looking students.
Adventurer Bear Grylls has said his Eton College education failed to teach him the skills to succeed in life. The survival
I want to muscle in on the latest playground scrap. After MP Matt Hancock suggested employers weed out privileged job applicants by asking them if they were privately educated, headteachers of some of Britain's top independent schools, including Eton and Westminster, have accused politicians - and the media that reported his thoughts so widely - of being "rude" about them.
'The ablest candidates come from all possible backgrounds.'
An Eton College head has threatened to ditch the Conservative Party if it follows through on a proposal to make employers