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We need to make sure that millions of EU citizens living in the UK are not disenfranchised in future like I was, Moritz Valero writes
Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party is celebrating after taking almost a third of the vote at the European elections. The Liberal Democrats are also hailing their best ever European election results, taking second place with 21%. Voters appear to have signalled their anger over Brexit by deserting the main parties, with Labour holding 15% of the vote while the Conservatives are in fifth place behind the Green Party with just 9%.
There must be a good probability that Nigel Farage will see the sense in coming to some form of rapprochement with the Tories over tactics with regard to the constituencies in which UKIP may choose to field candidates. If the Tories do get re-elected, there is at least the prospect of a referendum and UKIP will indeed have achieved something-game theory would certainly suggest this as his best course of action.
When the EU election results were coming in on Sunday evening, one thing was very clear early on; extreme right wing parties gained huge ground across the union and in France, Denmark and the UK anti EU parties won the election outright.
Coverage of the European election results has been dominated by the sight of triumphant Nigel Farage celebrating Ukip coming
A handy breakdown of the European parliamentary elections, thanks to David Schneider and Simon Hume... SEE ALSO: Non-Voters
Blame has been laid squarely at the door of the 31million people who did not vote. Bizarrely, some tweeters started hurling abuse at Russell Brand after his recent outburst on Question Time and subsequent 'manifesto' of revolution through non-participation. But it is highly unlikely that a significant proportion of the electorate decided not to vote for that reason.
British politics is entering a period of uncertainty, after the relative and somewhat unexpected calm of coalition politics. But in Brussels the impact will be very different. The results across the EU will significantly alter the shape of the European Parliament, and the outcome will influence the formation of the new Commission later this year.
An East End London borough has still not completed its council election count more than three days after polls closed. Electoral
A dangerous man is on the loose in Britain, the public has been warned. Nigel Farage, 50, is described as being of average