Children are the greatest learners. Hopefully we will learn from our own history - the generations coming behind us will be more connected, more global and different in ways we can only imagine. However, it is clear to say that a lot of us feel let down by Thursday's decision.
From the outset the Leave campaign was the most talked about - consistently generating around 55-70% of all conversation about the referendum. On polling day itself - for the first and only time in the six-week campaign it was suddenly the Remain camp which led the conversation.
Politicians are entrusted to lead us with vision, whether we agree or not. The Brexit "vision" has no detail, no experts, no answers. Think about whether you can remember a time in history when senior politicians, a Cabinet minister no less, told people to ignore expert views, throw caution to the wind, based on absolutely nothing but a "feeling" Britain would be fine.
The Remain camp have avoided the immigration argument like the plague because they're scared to attack the government, so the debate consequently hasn't been framed in the right way. My message to working class voters worried about immigration is this: know your enemy. These people don't want what's best for you. They never have and they never will.
This is it. The time for us college goers, students, those travelling, working or studying across Europe. This is not a drill. Forget the mud-slinging of the campaigning, forget the Boris and Dave show, this is OUR futures and we must not allow someone else to make the decision for us. Thursday is the day we, finally, get the opportunity to vote whether to stay or leave the European Union.
The lack of young voices in mainstream politics is disappointing yet unsurprising. However, I would argue that there's a less acknowledged reason for our lack of engagement with the EU referendum: political outlook.
The fact is the EU has done far more good than bad, and is a democracy. The future of democracy and our sovereignty is that it is shared and that we work together in this increasingly globalised world. Don't fall for the Brexit propaganda, in the long-term our future and success is in collaboration, not isolation.
I think English literature graduate Michael Gove has a better insight into global economics than the above experts and, in fact, Brexit will magically solve any and all problems in the British economy.
To 'con people into taking a leap in the dark'
David Cameron has come his closest yet to calling 'Brexit' Cabinet ministers liars, as he sought to hit back at Vote Leave's