"I'm very optimistic we're going to be back," Trump told members of his new National Faith Advisory Board as he apparently gets ready to make another run.
Jeffress, who is an evangelical adviser to the president, said Trump’s personal behavior isn’t an issue.
As news of his death spread, many Christians took time to reflect on the 99-year-old pastor’s long life and legacy.
Last November 80% of white evangelicals backed Trump for President. For British observers, the fact that so many viewed Trump
Way beyond the violence and corruption from City of God, Brazil finds itself in a very dangerous situation and dark times might be ahead. And I'm not even talking about economy. When I left my home country about six years ago, things seemed to be progressing for a better situation, with a decrease in poverty and hunger and a growing economy. There was a lot to be done and I was aware that it would take a long time, but then things changed.
Conservative support among Christians has dropped by a third since the last election, in new research that will lend weight
This was followed by a further splutter: NEW YORK -- Britain brims with off-kilter politicians and unhinged candidates - all
“To any young Christians out there who may be reading this, please know that you do not need to engage in such activities
I was a Christian for 25 years. In that period, I believed some of it for some of the time. I probably never believed all of it; I don't think any Christians do, in reality, other than those who habitually blur the distinction between reality and fantasy. My faith gradually declined until in the few years leading up to my Big Surprise - the mid-life crisis...
The Reduced Shakespeare Company was scheduled to perform their production of The Bible: The Complete Word of God (Abridged) twice this month at The Mill Theatre in Newtownabbey, just outside Belfast. A week before it was scheduled, the local council 'persuaded' the artistic board to cancel the performances.