everyday sexism project

Some teachers accused of accepting sexual harassment as 'just banter'.
More than half of girls and young women have experienced some form of sexual harassment at school or college, a scathing
I never received any sex and relationship education and I know that had a significant effect on me and my childhood. It won't solve everything, but I am sure it would go a long way to helping this issue and more generally, result in happier and more confident adults.
Be it the tale of the Suffragettes winning the vote for women over a century ago, or a single woman in 2015 finding the courage to report harassment, it is impossible to predict what the ultimate combined impact of all these tales will be.
he Everyday Sexism Project isn't archiving examples of men saying hello to random women. They are collecting and sharing women's stories of street harassment and low-level forms of sexual assault and violence. Foster seems to have misunderstood the difference between asking a woman on a date and sexual harassment.
Social media may seem to be a bit of a double-edged sword - there's always the risk of abuse towards women who speak out. But social media has brought life to feminism and I hope women continue to embrace it. It's the way forward, in spite of its challenges.
"I once worked in a company where I was the only female on a floor of men. They would look me up and down, laughing. They would bring in The Sun, put it on my desk open at Page 3 and ask if I looked like the topless woman pictured."
Do the maths, David. You are selling papers, but you are selling women short. Your newspaper churns out an endless stream of words and images that reduce women to a series of trussed-up body parts, printed on the page for men to mock or to masturbate over, before throwing them away.
For 43 years you have bullied women. You have served up bare-breasted young women daily for the sexual titillation and arousal of your male readership. You have belittled and dehumanised one half of the population to entertain the other half. And even worse, you have sold it as liberation and empowerment for women.
We don't hear about perpetrators. Headlines always read "Woman raped in Hartlepool", "Study shows 24% students victims of abuse". Unless perpetrators are famous or politically sensitive then reporting is passive...this gives the impression rape 'just happens', ruins lives like a fair-weather thunderbolt.