A woman who put 400ml of coconut oil in her bath was left in a bit of a pickle when she was unable to actually get out of
So, I think I finally concede that I need to stop making assumptions. Because, turns out there is a very good reason why my bedroom window has (had) thick old-school curtains. And that everyone who told me to leave them alone was right.
This is just six minutes of cringe-inducing hilarity.
Olympians train for years to be the best in their sports, and they tend to make it look a lot easier than it really is. That’s
It has been two weeks since I made the annual pilgrimage of endurance motorsport to the Circuit de la Sarthe, also known
When it comes to using power tools, things can be a little confusing to say the least.  With drills, for example, there are
We're only a month and a bit through 2016, and already the internet has been flooded with videos of people making fools of
When these friends decided to use sparklers in lieu of birthday candles on their pal's cake, they probably thought they'd
This fool-hardy gym-goer thinks he can squat 855lbs (387kg). He can't. As a result of this blatant overconfidence, things