Hundreds of parents are changing the endings of classic morality tales because they don't approve of them.
Hundreds of parents are changing the endings because they're not PC.
I was on a mission to secure my future husband, and my gullible moral compass felt compelled to devising a plan. 'The list'.
So it seems that Disney has moved with the times, as it is the more recent princesses that symbolise true female role models. Merida, a new princess from Brave, shows that Disney has tossed aside the snow-white, angelic style. Instead, the bushy, ginger-haired scruff ball, is a free-spirited and powerful girl...
Reading books by Richard Dawkins is harmful to adults, say the authors of fairytales. “Is it a good thing to be fostering
Fairytales are "statistically too improbable" and parents should consider not telling them to children as they "do not foster
It's finally here! After four years and even a postponement a couple of years ago, "the Tori Amos musical" has finally arrived at the National. For a show so long in the making, it has more flaws than you would expect but they cannot dim the magic of The Light Princess.
The feeling of wanting to be a princess never leaves, and it's a good thing, it teaches girls to be strong, and passionate about themselves, their family and their careers.
Everyone knows the story of Little Red Riding Hood, right? Maybe not. Some very early folk versions of the fairytale actually
Fairytales may have been around the block a few times, but renowned children's author Philip Pullman is set to be the next