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Can humans learn to listen to the outsiders, the marginalised communities, the downtrodden? This sci-fi author thinks it may be our planet’s best hope.
Days are getting darker. Nights are getting longer. The Force Awakens opens in cinemas this month. Are you hard tingling with the anticipation of erotic intergalactic adventure yet?If not, let me hit you with a simple equation that should pique your interest: STAR WARS + internetz = HELLA PORN
E.L. James started out writing vampire fan-fiction on the website about five years ago, and so did I. She concentrated on Edward and Bella in Twilight while I was drawn into Drusilla's rich, dark world of Buffy.
The Sceptical Theory Not everyone is convinced by the apocalyptic theory. Over at Reddit, Roothorick makes this point beneath
As you may have noticed, I've been claiming to have found a "secret of the Buffyverse," (see my recent Huffington Post blog
Here is a community where these high affinity content generators feed off each other, building on each other's ideas and elements, taking up the plot lines where the others leave. A vibrant creative world, set around the show or game or movie of that world, which grows with each new story, generating new ideas for the original content producer or studio.
Up until recently, self-publishing triggered certain images. An author announcing a new book. Admiration from friends and family, followed by realisation that author has not being endorsed by professionals putting faith through cash on his skills as a writer, but has paid for book to be published.
15 years on after the publication of Harry Potter and The Philosopher's Stone - the landmark novel which was rejected by
In the wake of 50 Shades of Grey by E.L. James, a current bestselling novel that started life as Twilight fanfiction, questions about are being asked. If the only difference between a piece of fanfiction and a bestselling novel is the changing of character names and places, then is the deletion stories without warning something that should be bigger news?
Search for Faberry on Tumblr and you will find a funhouse mirror version of Glee. The characters almost seem the same, but the art made of them, the stories told about them, the worlds built for them to live in are just slightly skewed. To be a non-canon shipper means having to make the world fit how you see it.