AgriSA found that farm murder rates have decreased to the lowest in 20 years. This challenges statements from AfriForum and Die Suidlanders suggesting farm murders are on the rise. According to News24, AgriSA's figures — which were based on police statistics, research and media reports — there has, however, been a slight increase in farm attacks. They increased from 478 in 2016/2017 to 561 in 2017/2018. HuffPost took a deep dive into the lives of farmers and farm workers from two farms who feel their safety in farms is still under threat despite the shift in statistics.
Agricultural economist Wandile Sihlobo said there isn’t a clear path on how to involve youth in the agricultural sector.
Mbuyiseni Ndlozi, the EFF's spokesperson, on the party's approach to the expropriation of land.
Australia's immigration minister, punting expedited visas for white SA farmers, judges "productive, hard-working" potential Australians by skin colour...
“If you look at the footage and read the stories... it’s a horrific circumstance they face” – Peter Dutton, Australian immigration minister.
The land debate has left people wondering if expropriation will cause food security to fall. Farmers explain to us the reality of owning a farm, and the issues they face.
Levendal, 46, claims the farmer has been victimising him for being "too clever" after he called him out on his alleged racism, and for educating other farmworkers about their rights.
The agricultural sector has been a direct victim of crime and farm murders at a disproportional rate.
As thousands marched against farm attacks, a 73-year-old was hacked to death.
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