There are no legal protections for free cash and nothing which secures the place of free to use ATMs on our high streets
Deputy Minister of Higher Education Buti Manamela urges tertiary institutions not to refuse students with outstanding fees from 2017.
When you leave Corbyn to "deal with it" as he so proudly said during the election, you should know the job won't get done. Unlike my engineers at Pimlico Plumbers, Corbyn doesn't understand how to make good on a promise and deliver on what people have signed up for.
Researcher Khaya Sithole explains how the Lesedi Education Endowment Fund could work.
You can't return if you intend to cause 'public unrest' or 'violent action', says the university.
#FeesMustFall activists facing charges can't register unless they promise in writing not to protest.
It ranges from R1,200 to R22,000 to secure your spot in 2017.
New York governor proposes free tuition plan at state colleges.
But qualifying students from families with incomes less than R600,000 per year will not have to pay any increases.
As I find myself more and more crippled with debt and having such limited contact hours at uni, I can't help but wondering, is it really worth paying 9,000 pounds a year for? Is it really cost-effective? Why should I have a degree when people my age are already working and earning more than I am?