Female Friendship

What Works For Me: The Labour MP explains how female friendship became her coping strategy to improve her wellbeing and mental health.
The PM struggled when asked how she would spend a dream night with her girlfriends.
I quickly discovered that somewhere between my 20s and 30s, the friendship landscape had shifted.
I love this time in my life. Yes, we all berate the muffin top, saggy boobs and not being able to find much in Topshop these days, but, I love my life.
You are busy, responsible working people with full and exciting lives and serious jobs, and yet you come into my living room and make up dances with my 5 year old as if it is the most important performance in the world. If you're not in them then you've watched them. Countless times. You jigged my firstborn around for me. You jigged my second born around for me. You jig my baby around for me.
Everyone has that one friend in their life who brings more drama and emotional baggage than an episode of Eastenders, and