Female genital mutilation

Nimco Ali told her teacher when she was seven years old that she had been subjected to female genital mutilation. The teacher did nothing. Now FGM has been added to the The Children Act, due in large part to Ali’s activism. The addition makes it easier for teachers, nurses and other workers to report if they are worried that a child they’re in contact with may be subject to FGM, or has had it done.
“It’s a barbaric practice and a serious crime. It’s an offence which targets women, particularly inflicted when they are young and vulnerable.”
Gina Martin, Nimco Ali and Amika George on a year of activism.
Only one of us has been cut, and only one of us is running for London mayor – but we both know the capital can take the lead in ending this shameful practice
It’s important we recognise and admit our system that protects women and girls in this country is not perfect and needs extensive reform
Christopher Chope halted legislation to protect children from FGM on Friday.
Liz Truss tells Christopher Chope she will be looking for him.
I walked around for over thirty years with that weight on my shoulders, knowing what had happened on that awful day when I was 10 years old.