CIT heists are now the fastest-growing form of aggravated robbery in South Africa, an industry fundi says.
Vans in Free State and Eastern Cape were targeted on Tuesday night.
You don't need a degree in history to know that while Kalanick has been at the helm of Uber, the company have been embroiled in upwards of 15 unrelated, newspaper-worthy scandals. The real question here is: why did his investors put up with him for this long?
It's crap when someone cheats on you. You're likely to be hurt, angry, and of course, take the betrayal personally. But there is more than one reason for infidelity and cheating doesn't always need to mean that a relationship is over.
Involvement of parents and family members has a more likelihood of bringing a better spouse with matching backgrounds in terms of family and upbringing - not just on external features. Morally upright young people would obviously look for morally upright life-partners and they would go the extra mile to find a reasonable match.