Fifty Shades Of Grey

"Right. So drink up, get back upstairs and don't come down until there's at least two three-ways, some bi-curious exploration and a clever yet provocative pun for the title."
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The ‘Fifty Shades Of Grey’ series wasn’t exactly known for its literary prowess, but it seems E.L. James has outdone herself
A copy of E.L James’s latest ‘Fifty Shades Of Grey’ book has gone missing, just days before its release date. The new novel
Author of these books, E L James is sure a woman who can very well be at home with her characters and their fears. The books turned out to be blockbusters. While James explored Ana Steele in the trilogy, James is all set to explore Christian Grey now in her upcoming book 'Grey'.
Anyone who's read Fifty Shades will probably have some deep desire to unravel the complicated mind of Christian Grey. And
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