Eight people have died and 30 are injured after a fire at an apartment building in Paris. A woman has been detained for possible criminal cause of the fire at the eight-storey building. Fire services worked through the night to control the blaze.
60 people evacuated from building and 22 injured – four seriously
A woman was forced to dropped her baby out of a window to bystanders as a fire engulfed an apartment complex in Dallas. The mother and other residents jumped onto mattresses before firefighters arrived. Only a few suffered minor injuries and investigators are trying to determine what started it.
Ramaphosa acknowledged the significance of these deaths in a statement.
California’s massive wildfires have devastated marijuana farms whose growers cannot buy crop insurance.
Authorities have confirmed an uncertain number of fatalities as a result of a fire that destroyed Grenfell Tower near Notting Hill in West London.
Police have opened an inquest docket to probe the two deaths.
Gail force winds up to 97 km/h have sustained several flare ups.
Rings of fire have surrounded the town as firefighters stuggle to get the blaze under control.
Residents fled with their belongings from the narrow alleys between the corrugated iron houses to the safety of nearby tar roads.