For the reluctant millennials among us, even more bad news hit us this week; up to a third of our unfortunate, shat-upon
Congratulations! This is a huge step in your development as a human being. It was weird for me, too, when I went away to college and had to share a bedroom (with bunk beds!) for the first time (not counting Girls State and student council camp)
Freshers' week 2015 is coming. For most first year students, it's an excitement to have complete freedom for the first time
During your time as an undergraduate you are likely to encounter an array of people, some of whom you will like and some
There's millions of great reasons for cohabiting, but they never make it any less irritating. Living with yourself is hard enough. Enduring the nested behaviour of others is unbearable. Until now. Here's a few survival tips.
Our mid twenties without Google search would be a shameful series of questions to family members starting with 'I know I should know this but...' whilst gazing wearily down at our Young person railcards. Much like the deteriorative hangover, the road to 30 creeps up without warning or fan fare..
Studying constantly with fear of failure, late nights working the same shifts as the signer on television, living in squalid dwellings with landlords who may well be the offspring of Hitler and his one testicle, and constantly finding yourself scraping ancient coco-pops from a mouldy bowl whilst washing the five thousands dishes, is a tough life.
We're all privy to the odd little quirk and tic, from racing down the stairs to beat the toilet flush to bidding farewell aloud to your house as you walk out the front door, but to the OCD sufferer it's taking these endearing habits to the extreme.
The stereotype that students can't cook is not true, according to my experience. Having left university and moved away from home, I am now cooking recipes with names like Shivid Polow, Sai Mai Lo and Rajma - all of which I picked up from Student Halls.
The Australians have it right - they don't use the term flatshare, they call them 'sharehouses'. This puts the sharing element before the property, just as it should be.