As agricultural experts warn that veganism could be bad for the environment, here's our guide to eating more sustainably.
As Head of Fish Policy at Compassion in World Farming I am only too aware of the issues surrounding fish welfare and whilst
This month's World Vegetarian Day marks the start of Vegetarian Awareness Month. These events give me the perfect opportunity - as President of Foods at Unilever - to talk about the benefits of plant-based diets for people and planet, and why we are so keen to support this growing trend.
Anyone who has ever publicly announced themselves a ‘flexitarian’ will be familiar with the skeptics who are quick to denounce
I don't like the word flexitarian. It sounds pretentious and smug; I wouldn't blame anyone for rolling their eyes when they hear it. But for the purposes of description, that's what I have recently become, eating mostly vegetarian or vegan meals with meat, fish and dairy products as occasional treats.