The government should be open with the British people and make public the information they have to allow for a full and factual debate that covers both the risks and benefits of leaving the European Union and informs the debate about our priorities for Brexit negotiations. It is their responsibility and duty to do so.
We sometimes see the very best of people in the worst of times and communities across the UK are filled with good, in fact great, decent people. People who care enough to make a difference. Now is the time to call up that citizen's army; vet, train and equip them to support the police. It is time to turn the tables. If every force recruited only 25 volunteers we could launch a credible counter offensive with over a 1,000 Special Constables operating undercover as digital detectives.  Such reinforcements would have the potential to make a real impact by delivering a real deterrent.
Russell Group universities have said they should be exempt from having to answer freedom of information (FOI) requests as
If Jo Johnson's recently unveiled university reforms go ahead as planned, higher education institutions will no longer be
Has there ever been a Cabinet minister more inept than Chris Grayling, the leader of the House of Commons? He is a man who can be utterly relied upon to get things wrong, a man whose lack of judgement and staggering incompetence defy belief.
Last week the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) was forced to release figures on the number of people who died shortly
These early days show a recklessness from the Government when it comes to our rights and freedoms, systematically dismantling the tools which protect the ordinary and the vulnerable and re-writing the rule-book.
Students at Cambridge University have been hit with more than £16,000 fines for theft, drunkenness, theft, drug taking and
Former justice minister Jack Straw has defended the controversial decision to block the release of correspondence between
The problem of falling student numbers, which could cost universities £1.3bn, was highlighted by Ucas a year ago but the
Former prime minister Tony Blair has been criticised for failing to cooperate with a report into the Freedom of Information
Health Secretary Andrew Lansley's decision to veto the publication of a report into the risks of NHS reforms is "permissible
Ministers face a grilling from MPs today over claims they are planning to downgrade Freedom of Information laws. Cabinet
The former Labour Minister who introduced the Freedom of Information Act told MPs it should be rewritten to protect secrecy
David Cameron expressed frustration with the Freedom of Information Act today, saying it "furs up" the government and does
The Department for Education's private emails are subject to Freedom of Information laws and Whitehall will have to disclose
Education Secretary Michael Gove has insisted his officials had acted with the "highest standards of propriety" following
Council officials making preparations for a crash landing by Santa's present-laden sleigh this weekend could have to reveal
In a bid to ascertain the full extent of the use of private email accounts for official business between Michael Gove and
Teachers' stress leave increased by at least 14 per cent in Wales over the last two years, new research claims. Figures obtained